The Danube Map Project  /DMP/

As a result of a work started in 2009 the first digital map-family for sport boating is now ready.
The DMP has been launched, because there was no high-quality digital map of Danube available for hobby sailors, which included all the necessary information to help them navigate on the Danube.

The map, in its present state is perfectly suitable for sailing, it shows the whole German, Austrian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Serbian, Croatian and Romanian sections of Danube, including the Serbian section of Tisa. It also includes the known docks, locks, riverside's restaurants, line of depth, navigational signs, danger places on the river, passing thrugh rules under  the bridges, the strem kilometres of river, and so on.
One of peculiarities of this map is that it could be used for rout planing with appropriate  device.

The map is constantly upgraded.

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Starting today, the German-Austrian section of Danube map to the Lowrance is available

The implementation of the map's Austrian and German Danube section to the Lowrance gps has started

Starting today, the whole German section of the Danube map is available.